Welcome to the Kharis Foundation


The Foundation will typically NOT awards grants for:

  • Accumulative Debts or capital campaigns
  • Arts/Culture
  • Conservation
  • Endowments
  • Environmental Projects
  • Multi-year grants for operating funds
  • Private, public or charter schools, colleges, or universities
  • Research
  • Social Clubs
  • Sports/Recreation/Leisure
  • Tickets or Sponsorships to Charity Events
  • Health Care

Non Presbyterian Priorities

  • Children and Youth
  • Homeless/Food Banks
  • Seniors
  • Local Natural Disaster Relief
  • Remedial Education
  • Health Care for the Uninsured
  • Mental Health/Addiction
  • Prison Ministries
  • Refugees
  • Affordable Housing
The priorities​ of the Kharis Foundation are focused on local Presbyterian (PCUSA) churches and are guided by Jesus’ words.

Presbyterian (PCUSA) Related Priorities:

  • Matching Grants for Churches doing local missions
  • Churches facing natural disasters
  • Local missions associated with Presbyterian churches
  • Small/Rural Churches needing Pastors
  • Pastors needing Counseling/Sabbaticals
  • Small/Rural Churches with building needs
  • Churches in Presbytery needing help